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How an blind Social Media team can ruin your brand? #hdfcbank

Many organizations are using Social media as their face to communicate, update and to solve customer problems. BUT organizations must understand that maintaining the trust of customers is very critical and difficult on the internet.

A small mistake can cause a disaster to the brand. Social Media team need to be more responsible when they reply to a comment or tweet as they are representing the organization. Their single mistake can cause lose the trust of customers.

Here I am going to explain how HDFC bank lost my trust from a single tweet.

Note: This is personal Experience, not a tutorial or guide


I was in a shared auto-rickshaw (sharing with other people) with a lady and she was talking to someone on phone related to her recruitment in HDFC. Below is what she discussed on Call (on the basis of one side of the conversation that I heard):-

  • She has applied for Senior Manager – CRM and she has someone who had SETTINGS in the bank.
  • Her employment is almost confirmed (due to above point) she just has to appear for an online exam.
  • To get into HDFC candidate have to go through an online exam and must clear. If failed its difficult to apply next time.
  • She was on her way to an exam center where she just has to login to exam portal and another person will give the exam and make sure she clears it.
  • Once she gets selected, she will pay commission to the person who gave the exam.


As a customer of the bank, it was a surprise to me that such kind of recruitment scams are running for the private bank like HDFC as well.

There are a lot of people in India who try for the jobs and well qualified & deserving but they don’t follow this process and gets rejected. I have no issue when a qualified or deserving candidate gets rejected as they tried and might be some (genuine) reason they didn’t get selected but I don’t like when useless people who use the shortcut to get into an organization and ruin the reputation.

How HDFC social media team lost my trust from the Bank?

I have tweeted HDFC bank twitter account informing about this misconduct and below is the tweet.

On the above post, I have received this reply from HDFC_cares twitter handler.

The social media team didn’t even care to read the tweet they just answered me with a pre-defined template.

This clearly shows that there is something clearly wrong with HDFC recruitment process not just for Sr. Manager Post but with the recruitment of social media team as well.

This scam is running openly and HDFC or your officials are aware of this as they are doing SETTINGS.

Next time It won’t be the same experience in HDFC as before as I am not sure if the person is really deserving.

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