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Business Upgrade- A surprise given by Emirates

Like every flyer, traveling in Business or First class is one of my dreams but the amount you have to pay is very high as compared to economy class, due to which it’s not possible for everyone to afford it and not for me as well as my all my trips were business trips i.e. all cost covered by the company. During my first travel with Emirates, I didn’t sign up for their frequent flyer program (I thought who will travel with Emirates or it could be my maiden abroad travel also) but during the trip, one of my colleagues explained and made me signup the program. After that trip to till today (24th Aug 2017) I went to Paris 4 times and with Emirates only.

During my Second Pris trip, I came to know about the business class upgrade give by Airlines to their frequent flyer, as I didn’t have many points it was not possible so I googled lot to know the trick to get business upgrade and tried everything, starting from reach early to airport, wearing business attire etc. for next three trips but it never worked.

While returning from CDG (Paris) on 17th June 2017 I got Boarding pass till Kolkata i.e. CDG to DXB and DXB to CCU. Everything was normal from CDG to DXB, we landed moved to another terminal by Bus; did some duty-free shopping and Reached to Check-in counter at airport just on time, and presented my boarding pass, and attended scanned my boarding pass and screen shown “ERROR”, I was little tense and her next action gave me a panic attack “She tore off the boarding pass”. Then she immediately printed a new Boarding pass and handed over to me. I asked her if there is any problem she said: “No Sir, you have been upgraded to business class”. I was super excited and can’t wait to onboard and experience the Business class of Boeing 777-300ER .

Onboarding was smooth as First & Business class are first preference to onboard on aircraft. After onboarding, flight attendant guided me to my seat and introduce herself and soon welcome drinks were served.

The seat was wider, more comfortable and the most its flat bed seat i.e. The seat will convert into bed with a button press (a little long press). Apart this there was an 10inch LCD screen with remote control on seat, space to keep your belongings, reading light which you can adjust according to your requirements, shoe rack to keep shoes (which a bit small for my shoe), a pair of socks, noise canceling Headphones(which were really kool) and last but not least a very big Menu of items that will be served.

We took off from dubai on scheduled time and it was smooth, after browsing ICE channel list I have played 2016 movie “The Founder” a story of a salesman who turned two brothers’ innovative fast food eatery, McDonald’s, into the biggest restaurant business in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence and ruthlessness.

On regular intervals, flight attended was checking if I needed anything or not. Suddenly Stewart came to me sat on his knees and told me that they are running out of stock for gents Bulgari amenity kits but they have Female kits which I accepted. He apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that he will update the airlines about the issue.

As the Movie coming to end, I have flatten the seat and not sure when I slept. I had one of the best sleep in a flight. In the morning flight attended woke me for breakfast and below is the pic of the meal (I am an eggetarian so changed my meal accordingly)

After breakfast, there was an hour to land so I checked random videos. Landing was great and another advantage I got that I was able to exit early from the flight to get quickly to emigration check.

At the end I would like to thank Emirates for giving an wonderful experience.

Note: While writing this article I am at Bengaluru Airport for my next trip to Paris but due to non availability of tickets in Emirates I am traveling by Etihad.

Paris Experience – I : Kolkata to Paris Travel

Every person who is working in IT field has a dream of going to onsite or to a clients place once, especially a trip to another country. Recently I got the chance to visit Paris (one of the most peaceful and romantic places in the world). A team of 7 people was going for the trip but on the last moment my trip was postponed by a week and I will be travel alone in an International flight and that too for the first time.

Finally, the day came when I have to travel and I was too nervous as it was my first international travel. I didn’t have any knowledge about the process like, immigration etc. although my friends have given some info about the process but now I have to follow the information that was provided. I have reached Airport and Thanks for the Emirates assistance as they explained me all the processes I will have to follow in Kolkata as well as at Dubai Airport. Immigration, Security check went easily and at the right time, I was inside the plane with a Window Seat. The flight took off from Kolkata and the view of Kolkata from the sky especially during Diwali was awesome, it was like thousands of colorful diamonds were laying on the floor. Unfortunately, I have switched off my Phone due to which I was unable to take any Pics (which I will regret all the time). After some time, hot dinner was served and I didn’t expect that the food will be so delicious (as compared to what I had with domestic flights).

Emirates Asian Veg Meal

Emirates Asian Veg Meal

The flight route was such that it was flying over my home i.e Nashik and it was a bit emotional for me as I didn’t get the chance to visit my home from more than a year. but soon we touched the sea and I tried to keep my attention to the movie “Prakash Amate” Marathi movie. Till the movie came to end the Pilot announced that we are reaching Dubai and all the other information normally provided. Just before Landing in Dubai, I have recorded the video showing beautiful view of city. Below is the video

Post Landing, I was more concern as I didn’t know what to do and where to go but thanks to Amazing Instruction boards and helpful staff of Dubai Airport which made everything easy. Post security check I had couple of hours in my hand before I board the Paris flight so I was roaming in the Airport Terminal B. The terminal is as big as a Shopping mall and you will find shop of everything like chocolates, alcohol, laptops, mobiles, mobile covers as well, here and that too Duty free. It was an amazing experience to explore the Dubai Airport and as I was traveling alone, I was roaming to all the place. Apart from the Shopping area which I liked about the airport is that the navigation is so simple that anyone can easily reach to a destination without any issue. Dubai Airport of signboards, officials to help and the most important they have installed many touch screen panels where a traveler just have to scan the barcode on his/her boarding pass and the panel will show the path to reach the correct gate. The panel also provides the information about restaurants, shops, spas etc. which I found very helpful.

I was excited for the next part of the journey as I was going to fly in Airbus380 – The largest commercial aircraft in the world. Boarding started at 02:30 AM and I was amazed by the size of the aircraft. As soon as you enter you will feel how comfortable journey will be. The back seat screens were big, clear and with ICE where you can select any movie from the list (Bollywood, Hollywood, European, TV Serial etc.). Everything was good except the seat provided to me which was exactly above the Huge wing of the aircraft and I was unable to see anything below. As soon as we took off I started a Movie I think it was Spy not sure properly as I slept as soon as it started. I woke up by attended to give the food, which was delicious as usual.

Emirates Asian Veg Meal

While eating, I was checking news and found about the attack in Paris and it was an alarming situation for me as I don’t have any idea about the situation going to be at Paris. Thanks to emirates for having a wifi, which helped me to send a message to family and friends about my safety. After Couple of Hours, we Landed in Paris and during which I watched a couple of movies and keeping an eye on news updates. Post landing I messaged the colleague which were in Paris and they gave me all the instructions to reach Hotel. Immigration was done quickly and I didn’t face any problems just having a few officers asking regular stuff to everyone. I came out of Airport and took a Taxi (Mercedes Business class) to the hotel.

In the Next article, I will explain the complete Paris Experience.